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Fumehood Energy Saver


Fumehood Energy Saver

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The Fumehood Energy Saver consists of two movable Continuous Access Ports on a track system which allows the ports to slide independently back and forth along a track integrated into a barrier film.

Movable Port

The barrier film mitigates the need for exhausting conditioned room air and thus lowers facility energy costs and it mitigates the release of fumehood contaminates into the laboratory from spills, splashes, and energetic release.

The Fumehood Energy Saver is an innovative mechanism with the freedom of movement within the fumehood with the containment of a glove box.

The Fumehood Energy Saver is integrated into the sash opening togive a technician all of the movement and mobility they have with an open sash but it significantly reduces the amount of wasted conditioned air that must be exhausted from thelaboratory to meet OSHA and other safety standards.

Glovebox Containment

To Stop Wasting Energy and Improve Lab Safety
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