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Decrease Energy Costs

• Minimize amount of laboratory conditioned air that must be exhausted to meet safety guidelines

Decrease Safety Risk

• Minimize the amount of spilled or splashed liquid that can escape fumehood

• Minimize the amount of fumehood contents that can escape the fumehood from an explosive or energetic event/accident

• Minimize the amount of airborne contaminants that can escape the fumehood due to room air turbulence caused by traffic, doors opening, or HVAC diffusers

• Minimize the effect of operator movement to generate eddy currents that draws fumehood contaminates into the laboratory environment

• Minimize ADA exposure risk Minimize the risk of failing with your major in energy technologies by requesting write my essay help from experts.

Frame: Extruded aluminum with powder coated polyurethane
Fits 4ft, 5ft, 6ft, and 8ft fume hoodsFrame
Barrier Film: 6-mil ‘water-clear’ polyurethane film
Port: 4.75in diameter mold injected port
One pair of ports per frame


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